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A Handful of Our Enclosed Transporters


At L.A. Prep Transport, we are fortunate to have dedicated management and staff who share a love of cars, strong work ethic, expertise, and a desire to provide exceptional customer service. We deliver a high caliber competency, and the L.A. Prep Transport team is trained and has a desire to serve with excellence.


Meet Founder and Owner Jim Kirby, a former race driver and precision and stunt driver who established and manages L.A. Prep, Inc. and L.A. Prep Transport.  Jim’s passion is outstanding customer service which is only surpassed by his passion for cars.


With integrity, honesty, fortitude and a passion for cars, L.A. Prep Transport keeps pace with the ever-changing needs of our customer without compromising our promise and commitment to quality – we never settle for mediocrity, always strive for "best". Our fleet of enclosed automotive transporters is meticulously maintained for reliability.


We transport cars better than our competition because we refuse to compromise on quality of equipment or the reputation on which L.A. Prep's foundational and fundamental principles are built – no matter what. Our brand, image, success, and growth are 30+ years of hard work and dedicated sound business practice.


Our commitment to provide exceptional professionalism and hands-on service on each and every move continues to serve as our benchmark.


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